My REvolve Podcast

Welcome to the show!

The “REvolve” podcast – it’s your time to discover today what tomorrow will bring at the intersection of Fintech, Startups and Gaming & Gamification. It’s where I chat with C-level executives and other interesting people on what’s shaking and baking in the area of your interest.


My name is Yvan De Munck, and I invite you to discover with me a series of known and lesser known people in the industries I’m interested in.

So go ahead and download and/or listen to your favorite episodes now, or better yet, go to my app (here) and stay on top of all my future episodes as soon as they come out.

My current lineup:

  • Episode 1.01: Brett King, Speaker, Startup Founder, Bestselling Author, Radio Host.

  • Episode 1.02: Dara Albright, Recognized speaker, writer & influencer on topics relating to market structure, New Issues, FinTech, P2P & CrowdFinance.

  • Episode 1.03: Geoff Miller, CEO Finance For Guernsey, Entrepreneur, Investor and Consultant to startup companies. 

  • Episode 1.04: Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder and CEO of One Paper Lane & serial entrepreneur.

  • Episode 1.05: Jay Samit, serial entrepreneur and Disruptor in charge.

  • Episode 1.06: Sean De Clercq, CEO at Kickfurther, and Chief Problem Solver.

  • Episode 2.01: Jorge “I am the magic bullet” Newberry, entrepreneur, distressed debt and real estate investor, endurance athlete and author. 

  • Episode 2.02: James Jones,CEO and Founder of and the Self-Directed IRA Investment Institute. 

  • Episode 2.03: Rick Burgess,CEO and Co-Founder of ConnectLending.

  • Episode 2.04: Kaidi Ruusalepp, Founder & CEO at Funderbeam.

  • Episode 2.05: Erich Bonnet, CEO and Partner at Smart Lenders Asset Management.