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=> “Sumo Group Announces US West Coast Acquisition of Pipeworks”


Somewhat of a personal story here, that did not go the right way – at least not for me. Sparing you the details, I do believe this is a strong group of people that will continue to thrive under this new structure. Go Pipes – and mabey time for me to share something that came across my desk the other day: “Video games ‘good for well-being’, says University of Oxford study“. I rest my case 🙂

Sumo Group has announced that it has agreed to acquire Pipeworks, Inc. (“Pipeworks”), an innovative and highly-experienced full and co-development studio, based in Eugene, Oregon. The acquisition gives Sumo a significant and well-established presence on the West Coast, from which to expand in the US market, and brings an abundance of valuable experience to the Group. The addition of its 134-strong team takes Sumo Group’s headcount to just short of 1000, a major step forward in the company’s growth strategy (…)

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